Natural and Red Lips!!!


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I know it sounds weird how could a lip be done both natural and red!!

Well this one is for the deep skinned low profile girls out there….. 

Just mix a touch of foundation to lipstick and apply it as evenly as possible preferably using a brush and just highlight the bow of your lips with a light eyeshadow….

Just make sure it is mixed evenly so it goes on smoothly….  




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Red Lips are always know for Hollywood glamour and vintage style….

So I think to achieve that look you need to start with a base of foundation or concealer and a touch of powder so that it is matte…ImageSo that it looks a bit like this, same colour as your skin…

Then line your lips and fill it in with a lip liner as the liner is longer lasting than lipstick… ImageI know my lip liner looks almost nude, but you should preferably use a shade close to your lipstick….

Once that is set it is time for the lipstick, apply it with a brush for a neater look…. and blot with a tissue after application to remove the oils in the lipstick then apply another layer so the pigments are set betterImageThere it is all set…. then you may wan to add gloss well it is up to you if your lipstick is really matte then I recommend doing so….

ImageI don’t know if you see a difference but I think adding a lil shimmer eyeshadow in a lighter shade will make your lips look fuller, your pout will look cuter without going overboard with lip plumper’s and stuff…. well I have applied a lil shimmery eyeshadow in a pink shade to the middle of the top and bottom lip….